We have a professional team that BEE-lieves in one goal, “TOGETHER, TO GATHER!”. This is why we are so efficient. We move and operate strategically and as a team.


Household Junk Removal

Are you moving out or you just want to declutter your home? Let our trained professionals haul your unwanted household items while you relax.

Yard Waste Disposal

Are you worried you have no time and energy to clean up your yard? We’ll gather every single yard waste you have so you don’t have to move a muscle.

Office Junk Removal

Do you want your office to look good but don’t have the time to declutter? We’ll sort and haul all the junk with little to no disturbance to your workplace.

Garbage Disposal/Dumpster Alternative

Whether it’s bagged or unbagged garbage, we’ll do the dirty work for you. We will retrieve your garbage even if it’s in your attic, garage, bathroom, etc.

Construction Clean Out

Not all contractors have the expertise that we have in cleaning up construction wastes and debris. We’ll do all the clean-up while you focus on your project.

Estate Clean Out

Our main focus is to make this process as hassle free and stress free as possible for you. Just show us the items to haul away and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Happy Clients



Call us or fill up our Contact Us form to book an appointment.

Call us at (255)-352-6258 or fill our contact form so we can schedule a convenient time for an estimate and walk you through our process.

Wait for our call within an hour.

We’ll call you prior to the meeting. Once we arrive we’ll check the area and the items and give you a thorough assessment and estimate.

Dipose, Recycle and Donate

All your unwanted items will be removed from your property. We will then take them to the appropriate facilities for disposal, recycling or donation.

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