What is BUSY BEE Junk Removal Services all about?

We are a Junk Removal company for “busy bees” or clients that are too busy or don’t have the time and energy to haul away unwanted items in their homes, workplaces, or construction sites. We are honest, dependable, efficient, and affordable.

What items can you take away?
Gym Equipment
Scrap Metal
Everyday Garbage
Yard Waste
What areas do you service?
We serve Fayetteville and surrounding areas.
How do we book your service?
You may call us at (255)-352-6258, visit our website and fill out our contact form or email us at [email protected].
How does your process work?
It’s very simple! Just book an appointment, then our team will visit your property (house, workplace or construction site), give you a free estimate and walk you through the process. Once settled, we’ll haul your unwanted items at your most convenient time.
Can you do the job for me even if I’m not there at the site?
Yes! We pride ourselves on making sure that we do an exceptional job even when no one is looking.
Why would I choose you instead of a dumpster?
Frankly, we are more reliable, affordable and efficient than our competitors. That includes dumpsters.
What is the capacity of your truck?
Our truck can hold up to 20,000 pounds. Now that’s reliable!
What do you usually do with the junk that you take away?
We prioritize recycling and donating. Anything that we cannot recycle or donate, we dispose of them to a landfill site.
Are you flexible enough to work on a limited and specific time?
Yes. We trained our team to be strategic and focused in meeting the target time.
How do we know if your team is arriving?
Our team will send a text message or call you 10 to 20 minutes before arriving to the site.
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- Thomas Smith -

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